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Butterfly Ornament

Christian Ornaments

What you will need...

Ez Felt

Easy Felt 

     This is a heavy, synthetic,  pre-stiffened felt . It comes in sheets 12” x 18” in a variety of colors. You will need 5-10 in white, depending on size and how many. Several Chrismons can be cut out of one sheet depending on the size and shape and how careful you are.  
   Print out the templates from the Symbols page with your computer. I suggest printing them on card stock which is easier to trace around especially if working with younger kids.

You need a pair to cut out the cardstock templates and a good sharp scissors to cut out the felt accurately and smoothly. 

Mod Podge Mod Podge Gloss-Lustre
   This is a water based clear "paint" used for decoupage. It not only preserves and stiffens the flet but also makes the ornaments a a bit translucent.
Metallic Thread Gold Metallic Thread/Large Needle
   Use a thread that is decorative with some metallic threads. The needle needs to be large enough to make a good size hole that won't tear up the thread.
Glitter Glue
Glitter Glue
   Gold and Silver. Use mostly Gold but an occasional silver accent can work. This does not have to be water proof because the mod podge will seal it. You can get acid proof if you think that helps the ornament last longer. 
Glitter Glaze Clear Sparkly Fabric Paint
   This is optional but adds a bit more gliltz to your project. The paint we used was like a clear glitter glaze for a subtle sparkle finish . 
Fabric Marker Disappearing Fabric Marker
   This is an indispensible tool that will truly be worth the investment. You can trace your templates right onto the felt and cut them out without any messy ink lines or pencil marks.
Paint Brushes Paint Brushes
   Brushes will be needed to apply the Mod Podge and the sparkly paint. I suggest soft wide flat brushes about a 1/4 in
wide or more in size for Mod Podge.
Glad Wrap Plastic Wrap
   You will need to lay the ornaments out flat when they are drying on a surface that they won't stick to. Wax paper doesn't work as well but can be used.
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