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Each year our church would get out our box of old, tired, soiled Chrismons to decorate the tree and realize that we had let yet another year go by without replacing them. Well a few years ago I set about, relatively early in October, to find new ones only to realize that legally you can’t buy Chrismons, you have to make them.  

Several books I found described elaborate, expensive designs of cross stiching, embroidering and/or beading.  I did not have enough time before the Advent season to amass a group effort of that sort and the funds to buy materials was a concern. So I endeavered to design a simple, inexpensive way to make beautiful, durable ornaments that our church could be proud of.

I was determined and, after a little trial and error, we got it doneAnd we did it with a small budget. I orchestrated this project with our youth and it was such a success, I wanted to share it with others. Some more examples of our finished chrismons are at the bottom of the page Here's what we did....

The most time consuming part was finding appropriate Christian symbols and turning them into workable designs so I making mine available to you. I have a whole page of Christian symbols from which to choose, ready to print. The rest is easy and fun because you get to spend time with others being creative. Navigate to the other pages to see how we made our Chrismons. Hope you find these instructions helpful.

This idea could also be used for making ornaments for your tree at home using colored felts and  other designs. A great family project.

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